My name is Victoria Rose Phelps. At least, that’s how I sign papers. Everyone calls me Tori, but I don’t like the way the “T” looks in cursive.

I’m currently pursuing a literature major with a double minor in history and creative writing at Saginaw Valley State University. I hope to later pursue a master’s in Library Science. As of right now, I enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and Victorian literature. I write mostly new Gothic short stories and flash, though I am starting to dabble in creative nonfiction. I also write for my college newspaper.

This blog exists to establish my name and give my signature meaning.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. You go, girl. Make sure you have good copies of everything you get published: your “tear sheets”. Articles in your school paper count. When u send a query you’ll need those as proof. Enter every contest u can. Go, tori.


    • Thank you! I have a pretty good collection of all things newspaper right now; I’m hoping to add more variety in the forms of literary journals and contests soon. Thanks for the advice! I didn’t know I’d need these as proof in a query. 🙂


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