Their Fractured Light


Rating: 3/5

Review: Their Fractured Light was somewhat of a disappointment (though certainly not in the cover). It’s been a year since I read the last book and two years since I’ve read the first book. From what I remember, Their Fractured Light seems like a very similar romantic plot to the first two novels. *spoiler* Honestly, when I got to see all three couples together, I had a hard time telling them apart. *end spoiler*

I wouldn’t mind that so much–since I loved the first couple books–but I was tired of the characters before they started. I couldn’t buy into the central romantic obstacle of not trusting because the author allowed me to know both sides of the romance and see when both sides were telling the truth. That they didn’t feel like they could trust one another then felt foolish to me.

Maybe I’ve just outgrown this series. I still remember the emotional roller coaster of the first book, but it’s hard to know if my increasing age is why this book felt more like one of those orange and blue slides for toddlers.

Recommendation: This series is best read one after another. Fans of sci-fi, dystopian romances would likely enjoy this series. If you read the first book of this trilogy when it was first released like I did, be warned that you might not enjoy the finale as much as you once hoped.